Nachtmystium - 'Live Onslaught' TAPE

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From the vaults of Blake Judd's personal collection comes 100 copies of the "Live Onslaught" cassette, released in 2002 featuring the bands first show ever on November 3rd, 2001 in Chicago, IL. This cassette was limited to 200 hand-numbered copies originally, but the band stumbled across 100 copies of the J-card insert (#101-200) that were never released after having been thought to be sold out for years now. So, the band had 100 pro tapes manufactured featuring the ":Live Onslaught" recording on it (the first 100 copies originally released were on black blank cassettes that the band dubbed individually) So the only difference is that these are pro cassettes. Same original inserts, hand-numbered back in 2002 and released by the bands then-demo tape label Majestic Twilight Creations. We will not release any more of these, just the final 100 copies will be available from the first and only official pressing of this release. PRE-ORDERS BEING TAKEN NOW - THIS WILL BE IN STOCK IN THE NEXT 3 WEEKS! ORDERS WILL SHIP WITHIN 1 WEEK OF THE TAPES COMING INTO STOCK.

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